HF SuperPacker Pro Ver 3 Amplifier Developments

Hello all. This is my first communication using a BLOG to tell you about developments of the latest project from hfprojects . The HF SuperPacker Pro 100W Amplifier is in its 3rd version since 2006. Each version builds upon past designs and moves forward with what is possible now. We exist to create home construction projects for the Radio Amateur. The designs are from Virgil – K5OOR who creates the projects, writes the construction manuals, stages the parts and delivers the projects to the builder. We have been at it since 2000 with thousands of home construction projects shipped world-wide.

I have posted several prior reports using pdf. You can review them here to follow along and catch up to the current state of developments.

Specifications and Goals

Progress Report 8/14/11

Progress Report 8/19/11

Progress Report 8/26/11

Progress Report 9/3/11

Now lets fast forward to today. I have not figured out how to work this BLOG to do what I want to do so please be patient.



This is the artwork for the Rev 0 (prototype) HF SuperPacker Pro V3 100W Amplifier Module. This design uses two MOSFET transistors operating with 48V drain voltage. The board is a four-layer design with the blue traces on the bottom layer and red traces on the top layer. In the middle is an unbroken ground layer. There is one additional internal routing layer. The interface is SPI which controls the bias, measures the current and the temperature of each MOSFET. A 10-pin flat cable connects the amp controls to the planned PIC32 Processor.

3/8” thk tapped Aluminum Block.

The MOSFET transistors mount to a thermal transfer block (shown above).  The thermal transfer block attaches to a case heat sink. RF In/Out utilizes SMA connectors.  (3 inch by 5 inch circuit board)

The RF Input is contemplated to be driven from a binary tree pi network ranging from 1 – 16 dB of variable attenuation. It is not known how well this is going to perform with a 48V drain but if my experience holds true, there will be additional gain and make the requirement for a SDR preamp go away. The RF drive portion of the design will be confirmed after evaluation of this prototype. Sign up for this version 3 HF SuperPacker Pro 100W Amp, send to vstamps@comcast.net your call sign and shipping address. No obligation.

I want to go forward by having a minimum order of this prototype board fabricated and one of the heat transfer blocks fabricated. I estimate $200 is needed to create these two prototype items. With them, I can confirm this major part of the design and write the software driver to control it. We can’t do it without your support. R&D Development is an expensive process with all the prototyping and design efforts. You can participate: purchase HF SuperPacker Pro 100W Amp V3 R&D Support at the store: http://www.hfprojectsyahoo.com/hfsupro10amp.html . Your support is vital and very much appreciated. Thanks all who participate with me. Our speed of development is controlled in large part by funds available for the R&D effort.

On the software front, we have integrated the trace function into our REAL ICE emulator. This is a major tool used in software development.

73, K5OOR – Virgil


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