HFSP PRO V3 Project Status Report

The HF Projects home construction project for the HF SuperPacker Pro 100W Amp Version 3 is now in a consolidation stage. All of the circuits are on the schematic and the connectivity has been firmed up. I am ready now to make the prototype of the project. There will probably be changes required and then followed up by a production run.

I am calling for a $200 deposit. The target price for the non-option version is estimated to be $495.00. Receipt of deposit will be the order of delivery. I am shooting for a 2011 delivery date depending upon the response of the builders.

File Attachment: HF SUPER PACKER PRO 100W AMP VERSION 3 REPORT 10 11 2011.pdf (170 KB)

A list of those who have signed up by call sign. If you are on this list and do not wish to participate, please let me know. Your prompt payment of the deposit will be much appreciated.

73 K5OOR – Virgil  HF Projects


File Attachment: 2011_HFSP V3 signup.pdf (23 KB)


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