QVGA Display Design Process

One of the stated specifications for the new amp is a QVGA color touch screen graphic display. It will either be an integral or optional part of the system depending upon cost. I may offer choices of a no display (SDR type), character display or graphic display to fit the pocket book issues.

To drive down the cost of the new QVGA graphic display, I am creating our artwork for the display. The development will be done in two parts. The first part is the controller using the on-hand 320×240 evaluation module. The second step is to include the glass of the LCD on the display module to have a single integrated display.

The first part of the development is to strip away all of evaluation board of unused peripherals not needed for out project and get it down to a basic circuit board and a few parts. With a high degree of integration comes large scale parts to do the job. The QVGA graphic display will be surface mount machine assembled to keep the cost down.

What are the specifics functions available on the display?

  • Highly optimized for LCD display: PIC24FJ256DA210 processor
  • 320×240 TFT LCD RGB and 4–wire resistive touch
  • On-board 512KB SRAM (dual frame buffers)
  • On-board 512KB FLASH (image storage for all graphic icons displayed)
  • USB host mode for interface to thumb drive (data input/output)
  • High-speed serial link between Display and Amp
  • RJ11 ICD debug port
  • 8 MHz crystal
  • 9–12V DC input, local 5V and 3.3V regulators

If you have not seen the demonstration of the Graphic Display, here is the link: Graphics Demo

This coming week, I plan to order an Amplifier Module circuit board prototype and have a prototype thermal interface block fabricated. If you have not signed up, it is not too late to join the project.

73, K5OOR –  Virgil



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