Second Board in the Shop

Last week, we put the Amplifier Module in the shop. Today we put the MPU Module in the shop (see pdf).

File Attachment: SCH MPU HFSPPRO V3.pdf (205 KB)

When you look at the last page of the pdf, you see the 2.8 x 3.8 inch composite artwork layers of the MPU. I did the artwork two times before I was happy with it. The key to improve routing is to put a 44 pin header around the MPU chip. The board is a four-layer board consisting of a top, inner, ground plane and bottom layers.

Connections to the board are by miniature flat cables and SMA cables.

The next circuit board to be completed is the RF PATH module. It will mount on the rear panel.

I am also currently working on the Display Module artwork. This is the QVGA Graphic Touch Screen. It has been the most complex due to the 100 pin processor. This is planned to be one module. We intend to purchase the LCD glass directly from the China vendor.

The Power Supply will be approximately 3.5 x 2.5 inch. I have a factory evaluation module on-hand. The LPF module will be approximately 5 x 3 inch and interface by miniature flat cable and SMA. The cores are going to be larger to anticipate a 100% duty cycle operate environment.

I expect to have at least two board types to build up and test before Thanksgiving.

I would like to thank everyone who is supporting the project by participating in the development and are making deposits for their amplifier. I received a commitment from one builder who has offered to fabricate the first thermal heat transfer block and also participate in the software task on the display module. It is good to find a C Programmer familiar with the PIC processor family. That thermal heat transfer block is small but requires some milling to have good thermal transfer surfaces.

73, K5OOR –  Virgil



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