RF PATH Module in the shop

This is the third board put in the shop for fabrication. They are all prototypes (order of 3 each minimum). This module switches the RF signal path between receive and transmit. You can select from one of two transceiver inputs and also one of two antenna outputs. The prototype is 4 inch x 2.5 inch length. RF connections utilize SMA cabling while the digital control uses a miniature flat cable. Attached is the schematic and jpeg of the circuit board.

File Attachment: HFSPPROV3 RF PATH.pdf (152 KB)

This is a two layer board with most all the routes on the top side. The rear is a solid ground plane. By keeping the RF segregated from the MPU Module, RF or MPU pickup will be reduced. We have the option of installing magnetics over the flat cables, if needed.

So to recap, we have on order the Amplifier Module, the MPU Module and RF Path Module. Yet to be done is a rework of the LPF Module, the repackaging of the PSU Module and the new touch screen graphic QVGA  Display Module.

These three items will allow me to complete the electronic design effort and allow the mechanical packaging requirements to be defined.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

73 K5OOR –  Virgil




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