Amp Prototype PCB is here

The Amp Blank PCB arrived this week. I will need to mill out the area where the MOSFET transistors mount. I decided to do it myself instead of pay an extra charge by the shop. Not a problem. A series of holes will allow me to get my nibbling tool to follow the two rectangle outlines. The hand file will finish the job. Top view shown below.


The bottom view has the peripherals associated with the amp design.


One of the middle layers is the ground plane. There is also one routing layer in the middle.

I have most of the major parts on hand. A detailed costed bill of material is in process so that every needed part can be ordered. I also get a first look on material pricing at low volume. 

See the schematic: File Attachment: SCH and AW MOSFET AMP MODULE 2011.pdf (95 KB) repeated here so you don’t have to look at past blogs.

This is one more piece of the puzzle. More to follow.

Sign up: File Attachment: 2011_HFSP V3 signup.pdf (25 KB)

73 K5OOR –  Virgil



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