Amplifier Module Prototype Update

I just finished assembling the parts on the new prototype Amplifier Module for the project. You saw the blank boards. So here it is with the parts installed with my comments.

Assembled amp top

I manually carved out the two rectangles where the MOSFETs and Heat Transfer Block attach. RF Input at the far left and RF Output at the far right. The silver looking sense resistor just below that measures the current in the MOSFET circuit. The DC input is upper right. The 16–pin flat cable connects this module to the Controller. Note the variable attenuator at the far left with the four relays. This allows automatic adjustment of the RF drive to match the transceiver. I will change the transformer sweat connections to a secure mechanical method. I think I can find a better solution for the 48V MOSFET power connection.

Assembled amp bottom

The bottom side shows the installed ICs, resistors and capacitors. This board measures 6 1/4 x 3 inch.

We also received the RF Path Module blank PCB today. Look for an additional message this Thanksgiving weekend.

I expect the Controller blank PCB to arrive next week. It will be interesting to share with you the testing of the new control circuits for the amp. If you get a chance, pass a link for this blog to your ham friends. We need them to join us. The project depends upon our ability to communicate. That is what hams are known for.

Don’t eat too much Turkey! 😉

73 K5OOR – Virgil



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