Prototype RF Path Module

We received the Rev 0 RF Path blank circuit board this week and started putting it together. About 1/2 way through, I saw many areas I wanted to improve. I want all the RF connections to all be plug-n-play using fabricated SMA cables. I also decided to revise the Power Sensing circuits with larger footprints and components.

The picture below is a hybrid prototype between the original Rev 0 and the proposed Rev 1 Module. 

PIX RF PATH R0 modified

See Rev 1 Module Artwork and Schematic link: File Attachment: HFSPPROV3 RF PATH R1.pdf (168 KB)

Another common problem is installing diodes backward and otherwise having shorts that kill boards. I have added a 34 cent PTC Resettable Fuses that will save the board if a problem is detected.

I am incorporating these changes to improve performance and your ease of construction.

Thank you for following the development of this project. We can help the project along by spreading the word about this blog. Project cost is indirectly proportional to build volume. If this is your first viewing, click on FOLLOW to receive all the updates. Frequency of update is about once per week.

The MPU module is due to arrive this next week. I am anxious to write some driver code for the peripherals.

73, K5OOR –  Virgil



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