LPF-140 Low Pass Filter Module for the HFSP PRO V3 100W Amp

This is another of the RF Modules for the new amp design. This relay controlled module provides excellent low-pass filtering.  Dimensions are 5.7 x 2.7 inch.

Artwork LPF-140

This filter is designed for 100% duty cycle, 160–10M, 100W. The cores are all large T68 style. This filter has excellent component spacing for an easy build. RF In and out through SMA connectors for a clean RF interface. The relays on the input and output provide excellent isolation and out of band rejection. The unselected filters are all terminated to ground. The digital connection uses a micro match flat cable to the MPU module. File Attachment: LPF-140 Schematic.pdf (28 KB)

This prototype module will be go in the shop next as cash flow permits. You are invited to join the build for this project.

 File Attachment: 2011_HFSP V3 signup.pdf (66 KB)

Let’s keep this project moving! I need your help to promote it. I want to begin the build within the next 90 days. There are still many tasks to be done. I thank you for your support.

73 K5OOR –  Virgil  HF Projects




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