Amplifier Progress

It has been awhile and I am sorry for not reporting more often. The Control/Display Module is in production. I am having a pilot run of displays fabricated and assembled. I expect about 1 week until I receive the first production units. Here is a picture of the circuit boards before assembly.


These are the approval boards sent to me before assembly. As you can see, there are four boards to each panel. This is the complex critical part of the display design which has consumed so much time. I spend several hours a day on software creating the display module design.


The picture below is the 2nd  round for the Amplifier Module. I will be assembling this week. AMP R1 PCB

I have been agonizing over the design and packaging. The first design is flawed with too many cables and too much electronics control in the amp section. I have backed off on that approach to a better design. My immediate goal is to populate the amp board and test this along with the LP Filter to check out the main amplifier functions (characterize). The other part of the design will all have to be on one mother-board.

I am sorry that I have not been able to make more progress but frankly, business has been very slow. I have had to resort to some outside consulting to hold body and soul together. I will be more faithful in reporting progress going forward.

73, K5OOR –  Virgil

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One thought on “Amplifier Progress

  1. Hi Virgil
    Nice to read details about the Amp work. Yes, I know, it is not easy to make a perfect project come out!!!
    Have you an idea of the finish of your research?
    Keep going, Virgil…
    73 from F5UL Bob

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